Tenant rights are important for landlords to know when renting property. When they rent their property, it is important for the tenant to know what their tenant rights are so that they can avoid any disputes or headaches in the future. Here are five of the most common tenant rights:

1) The tenant has a right to live peacefully in your rental property with no disturbances from you or your agents.

A disturbance to a tenant would include things like increased traffic or people loitering outside the tenant's window. The tenant should be permitted privacy.

2) The tenant has a right not to be discriminated against on any basis by you or your agents.

Discrimination in any form is not tolerated, and this includes your tenants. You have no right to discriminate between tenants based on race, religion, or gender. Discrimination does not include refusing to rent a property based on tenant credit score, tenant income, or tenant rental history. You must also accept Section Eight housing vouchers in order to comply with Federal Law and protect yourself from discrimination lawsuits (varies by location).

3) If there is something wrong with the rental property, the landlord must fix it within 24 hours.

This one varies by severity, and also location. Please look at your local guidelines about when you should fix something. An emergency would include a broken pipe, a leaky roof, or windows that are not able to be opened. In other cases, tenant rights may give you more time before repairs need to be made.

In some situations it is required for the tenant to provide notice within 24 hours of discovering an issue with the rental property- this does vary by location and situation, however.

4) Tenants have a duty not to damage anything belonging to you and your agent(s).

As part of the moving in and moving out process, all property that belongs to the landlord must be inspected. If the tenant has damaged anything, they are responsible for replacing or paying to have it repaired.

Tenants should also be careful not to cause any damage on their own accord during their tenancy. This can result in an unpleasant surprise at the move-out time if you decide to try and charge them for fixing something that is already broken- especially if your rental property is old.

5) A tenant has the right to privacy and must not have their home invaded by you or your agent(s).

You must always notify your tenant if you will be on the property. You can't just show up at their door without notice and then claim you were allowed to do so. If a tenant does not want anyone on the property, they need to make that clear and it needs to be in your written agreement with them (and again, this varies based on location).

When tenant rights are violated, it can cause a lot of stress and frustration for both the tenant and the landlord- which is why understanding tenant rights from both sides before anything happens will make your life easier in the future!

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